My Special 21st Birthday

A Sacred, Self-Care 21st Birthday. April 9, 2017. 21 years on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

How do you celebrate your birthday? I find it so intriguing how we all celebrate so differently. This year was completely different for me. It had been a tough year between my parents divorce, my moms breast cancer, and rediscovering myself. This birthday shouted "self-care!" instead of "go out and get blacked out!" I will say, a mimosa does sound pretty delicious to start the day though. I truly believe birthdays are about celebrating yourself and your victories you have overcome. Don't feel guilty for putting yourself first. I am SO excited for how I chose to spend my 21st birthday. A birthday filled with an appetizing breakfast, church, massages, meditation, yoga, and a hot Epsom salt bath is my type of day.

I gathered up some supplies- a journal, pen, essential oils, a candle, Epsom salt, my favorite flowers, comfy pajamas, and fresh sheets on the bed. 

“First, I take a soothing bath, symbolically washing away the past year’s pain, sorrow, regrets, mistakes, and guilt.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

I filled the tub up with hot water. I put in a cup of Epsom salt, a dash of lavender essential oil, and a little bit of coconut oil. This combo draws out toxins, balances pH levels, and brings balance back into your being. I lit a candle and turned off the lights. I took a few sips of my hot tea while simply relaxing, enjoying my peaceful bath. As the candle burns, I reflect on my personal journey so far. 

After I bathed, I did a meditation followed by a simple yoga flow. I then grabbed my journal and hopped in my freshly made bed. I began reflecting on this past year and started writing, acknowledging, and releasing my emotions. I wrote down 21 things I was grateful for. I wrote lessons I have learned. I wrote my goals for the next 365 days. I LOVE writing, so naturally this was my favorite part. 

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"Next I ask for a birthday gift that only the Giver of God can bestow: to conceive a wonderful new dream or plan; to realize a dream delayed; to overcome an old fear or be released from an old pain; to experience a new freedom; to discover a new strength; to find a new friend; to achieve a long-sought goal; to reach toward a new aspiration; to overcome a new challenge." – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Self-care is magical. There should be no expectations for birthdays. Every year that I get older I become more of my own best friend. When we are kind and loving towards ourselves, an abundance of kindness and love pours in from others.

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