Hi Plants!


Succulents and cactus are my favorite plants ever! I bought some new little friends for my apartment. Adding plants to your home can help keep your air fresh while also removing some of the toxins from the environment. Plants help elevate our mood, they help us to breathe deeper, and they give us cleaner-high frequency oxygen. 

There are also air-purifying plants for your home such as a spider plant, snake plant, peace lily, aloe vera, dracaenas, and the bamboo palm. Spider plants are the best looking plants out there but they have huge pollutant-fighting abilities. This greenery ranks best in removing formaldehyde from the air by a NASA study. Spider plants are also pros are absorbing odors. We can all rest easier when we know our bodies aren't ingesting potentially toxic chemicals. The snake plant release oxygen at night while simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide. Peace Lily is a low maintenance plant that doesn't need a ton of water or sunlight. They remove toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the environment. These perennials also release small amounts of moisture while removing airborne microbes so your sleep isn't disturbed by certain allergens. Houseplants give your home a happy environment! 

Alyssa PereiraComment