New Beginnings 2017

East Coast to West Coast 

Growing up as a child, I moved quite a lot because of my dad's job. 14 times to be exact. My childhood was actually beautiful. In the midst of all the moving, I traveled the world and back due to my dad always living in a new foreign country every couple years. I developed an innate thirst from a young age to uncover new places. My spirit has always been overflowing with a wonder of the unknown. I was going into my junior year of high school and my dad said "One more move. This is the last time." So we picked up once more and landed in Orlando, Florida, where I finished off high school. If you asked me what I considered home, I genuinely wouldn't be able to come up with an answer.

After graduating high school in Florida, I went straight to a state college taking my general "basic" classes I thought I needed. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I was using up my time and energy to go to school. After a couple semesters I realized how unhappy I was. At that time, I was introduced to yoga and holistic health. I immersed myself in learning more about life and the true meaning behind our purpose. I became very conscious of my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I had some friends in California who always told me how different life was on the west coast and how active, healthy, and conscious people were. I decided to book a flight and visit to find out myself. I had been to California as a young girl but it was always for vacation, nothing serious. This time was different. I went and it simply felt like home as soon as I stepped off the airplane. The nature, the people, and the energy resonated with me so well. On this trip, something switched in my brain. I asked myself "What am I doing in Florida?" California has everything I am passionate about. Don't get me wrong, Florida is an amazing state but if you have been to California and Florida, you know the difference I am talking about. There were yoga studios on every corner, organic cafes everywhere, and human beings actually out exercising and enjoying the beautiful weather. California seemed to be the happening place. At 20 years old, I realized that the type of environment that you spend your time in is very important. I thought to myself, "if not now, then when?" Definitely not when I'm older, settled, and have a family. I'm young and I can, so why not? I ended up touring two different alternative medicine schools I was interested in and fell in love. I was intrigued by all the different options these holistic schools offered. I took a yoga class at a local studio and was very pleased with that experience as well. The food was delicious, especially the burritos. The endless options of things to do blew my mind.

My soul felt stagnant in my town. I felt as if my spirit was already somewhere else, begging my body to follow my thoughts. You know that feeling, when you have the urge to do something, and you just know deep down inside you have to follow your gut? You're not sure why, but you just know. This thought was persistent. It wouldn't go away until I did something about it. 

After coming home to Florida from my trip, I instantly put a plan into action and started manifesting what I truly desired. I worked on a plan over the next few months that would allow me to quit my job, find a new one, find an apartment, and move across the country with just a dream of creating the life I always wanted to live.

I love these inspirational words from author Kyle D. Jones (@_thekylejones). When you decide to do something new with your life, your vibration shifts to match that newness. You'll no longer find your "old lifestyle" fun. You start to see how some people are just stuck in a never ending cycle. Suddenly you have a new outlook on life. Embrace it. When you're evolving and constantly changing to be the best you can be, a lot of people won't understand your motives and it's okay. The minute you decide to step out and live your truth, is the moment you gain your freedom to be your authentic self. How would you expand and let your soul transcend if you are not leaving your old habits, old places, old thoughts, old ways of doing things? What if the unknown has what you have been looking for all your life? What if you could find your life purpose once you leave your comfort zone? So often we continue on our same path, avoiding change at all costs, for fear of judgement, failure, misunderstanding... yet all of these notions are simply preconceived situations created within our minds. Once you realize that your thoughts shape the reality in which you live, you can make the decision to begin to manifest your dreams within your soul and take action. Reflect on what you truly desire, and make choices accordingly. We were put on this planet to do anything our heart desires. We are somehow surviving on a spinning globe in the middle of an infinite galaxy in which gases swirl and create the most beautiful illuminated paintings in our sky. What you truly crave in life can be yours. Chase your dreams, chase them relentlessly until your feet ache and your souls at peace. Change brings growth. Allow the light to guide you on your journey. We are beautiful and capable of powerful things beyond measure. 

I decluttered my life and sold all of my furniture. I started applying for jobs in San Diego. I was on the hunt for an apartment in North County. I began to connect with people in California. I finally decided to exchange the comfort of my current life in Orlando for the potential of what could be. Things truly do fall into place perfectly and in divine timing when you have faith. I got approved for my first apartment 2 blocks from the beach and also came across a few job opportunities. Finally, February 2017, I packed what I could fit in my car and began the 2,500 mile drive to California. I faced my fears, and somehow, they dissolved before my very own eyes. Here we go.

The Road Trip

First stop: New Orleans, Louisiana


Second stop: Dallas, Texas


Third stop: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Fourth stop: Sedona, Arizona  

Made a quick pit stop by the Grand Canyon :)

3,200 miles later....

download (8).jpg

Home sweet home.

Life is so beautiful. Follow along and join me on my journey, this is just the beginning.