The Power of Journaling

Gratitude Journal

Keeping a journal, specifically a gratitude journal, makes you a happier person while also improving your physical health. I enjoy writing before bed and as soon as I wake up. Studies have shown it lowers stress levels which is why I love starting/ending my day with a writing session. Writing down your goals and intentions is very powerful! Write them down in detail, for example, your health, career, money, and relationship goals. When you get crystal clear about the things you want, you're giving direction to the way you want gratitude's power to change your life. Manifesting is real if you put in the effort. When you're grateful for the things you have, you will see those things increase. Besides, it is a meditative activity and the benefits are endless! Gratitude is magical! Journaling has absolutely changed my life and has made my life more clear. 

Journal topics:

- monthly intentions 

- goals and manifestations

- what I'm grateful for 

- if I can remember, I write down my dreams 

- positive affirmations 

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