Healing Crystals

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps purify the air, reduce asthma symptoms, improve breathing, reduce stress, and help you sleep better. 

Amethyst (purple) is a crystal of spiritual growth. They repel negative energy and attract positive energy.  They are very strong stones to have in your home. 

Quartz come in many different forms and colors. Rose Quartz (pink) is the stone of love. It enhances self love and love to those around you. It is very important in Heart Chakra work. The clear quartz is a stone of manifestation and energy amplifier. 

Aventurine (green) stone attracts abundance, luck, and success. It can help in making your dreams become reality.

Citrine (yellow golden) is a joyful stone with bright energy! This stone does not absorb any negative energy, thus never needing to be cleansed. It has energies of good fortune and positivity. 

Agate (blue) is one of the oldest and most protective stones. It is associated with the throat chakra which leads to it helping with speech and communication. 

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