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This is one of my favorite topics! I get asked all the time what I use on my skin, on my hair, on my body, in my mouth; so I thought it would be perfect to break down my favorite natural beauty secrets that don’t harm your body, the environment, or any animals :)




  • When people ask me the secret to whiter teeth, one of my personal secrets is drinking zero coffee. Besides it staining your teeth, I don't really like how anxious it makes me feel. Coffee is a nice treat to have every now and then. I do love me some Chai and Matcha, though!

  • I floss every single day. Gum health is directly related to overall health, and it just feels good to floss.

  • I partake in tongue scraping. This ancient Ayurveda recommendation of tongue scraping is often overlooked. Since the oral cavity is one of the main gateways between your mind/body and the environment, maintaining the health of this connection is important to general well-being. Scraping the tongue daily removes any build-up on the tongue, which, if left untreated, can lead to bad breath and may house a significant number of bacteria. This simple practice is a direct way of removing Ama from your physiology. In Ayurveda, Ama refers to any accumulation of toxic residue in the mind-body. Western medicine is also beginning to acknowledge coating on the tongue as a sign of poor health.

  • Coconut Oil Pulling. This is so important. I wake up and scoop a spoonful of unrefined, organic coconut oil into my mouth. I swish it around for about 5 minutes and spit it out, then brush my teeth. The benefits of coconut oil pulling are magical. It whitens your teeth, removes bacteria, prevents plaque, and decreases your risk of gum disease. You can also mix coconut oil with baking soda to create a paste-like texture, which helps with whitening your teeth as well!

  • As for toothpaste, that is natural and toxic free as well. I use any toothpaste that is SLS-Free and Fluoride Free. Keeping fluoride out of your toothpaste and water is important when decalcifying your pineal gland.


  • When it comes to washing my hair, I wash it about every other day. I love to use chemical free shampoo and conditioner. I still rotate around and love trying new things so I haven't quite stuck with one brand long enough but any health food store is my favorite place to get some.

  • Ever heard of an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair and Scalp Rinse? Having a healthy scalp is just as important as having healthy hair. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which prevents various infections that may affect your scalp and causes hair loss. It acts as a natural cleanser for hair and scalp as the acetic acid present in ACV removes dirt and any remnants of styling gels and shampoos and makes your hair look softer and lighter. Because it is slightly acidic, it also serves to restore the natural pH of the acid mantle. Vinegar contains essential nutrients like potassium, iron, Vitamins A, C, B1, B6, which provide perfect nutrients for the growth of hair. Instructions: Take half a cup of ACV and half a cup of water and mix well. Pour this mixture in an empty spray or cup. As a rule of thumb, dry hair likes less ACV and oily hair likes more. Rinse your hair with this solution in between the shampooing and conditioning of your hair. Pour the mixture on the roots of your hair and allow it to sit on your scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. Massage your scalp occasionally and rinse it off from your scalp after 5 minutes. Now apply the conditioner on your hair from roots to the end and then pat it dry. This will help in reducing the itchy feeling and make the scalp healthy! You will come out of the shower with your hair squeaky clean and shiny. You can also add your favorite scent of essential oil to make it smell better!

  • Limit blow drying to a minimum! I don't own a blow dryer actually. I let my hair air dry every time I wash it.

  • Apply a coconut oil mask. Once a week, I drench my hair in coconut oil and jojoba oil, throw it up in a bun, and leave it in overnight. Wake up, shower, rinse it out, apply shampoo, and you're good to go! If you choose to do this, don't forget to put a towel down over your pillow to protect your sheets. My hair loves when I spoil it with coco oil.


  • Skin is our body's largest organ and we need to take care of it. Many products these days contain endocrine-disruptors, which are any chemicals that can harm your hormones, your brain, and your reproductive system. It is so important to watch what we are putting on our body. I am a simple gal when it comes to showering. Give me a loofah and some Dr. Bronner's and I am good to go! 

  • After showering, I rub castor oil on my stomach (abdominal region) before bed. Castor oil improves digestion while supporting your liver and gallbladder. Your insides will thank you. Castor Oil Packs are also another amazing thing to do for your stomach.

  • Dry Brushing! I dry brush my skin 2-3 times a week. Purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body. Dry brushing removes toxins from your body. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite (holla ladies), and exfoliates dead skin. Start at the bottom of your feet and brush towards your heart. Stroking away from your heart can cause ruptured vessels and varicose veins. So always stroke the brush up, towards your heart! Improve that blood circulation! 

  • What's make-up remover these days? Coconut oil works like a charm for make-up remover. Many make-up removers these days are filled with harmful ingredients. It is so much easier to just use coconut oil. Coco oil for life.

  • One of my favorite skincare brands is Coola. I try to be very minimal with my daily make-up but I do love throwing on a daily tinted moisturizer. Coola is an organic sun-care and skincare line based out of Carlsbad, California which happens to be where I live- small world! They are super passionate about making sunscreen using as many ingredients as possible that are natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced, much like the foods we prefer to eat. This company also donates to the Melanoma Research Alliance and Healthy Child Health World organizations- which is absolutely amazing. After washing my face in the morning, I put on the Primer followed by their amazing BB Cream which is a tinted moisturizer. Both of these products contain SPF 30 in them which protects my skin from the California sun. I highly recommend this brand! 

  • I rub pure, organic almond oil on my face. It contains Vitamin A which reduces acne flare-ups and aids in the removal of dark circles around your eyes. It also helps with eczema if you have it. 

One of my favorite things to do is grab a bunch of eucalyptus from the farmer's market and hang them in my shower for a DIY smelly shower! Eucalyptus is known to stimulate the brain, reduce inflammation, and naturally decongest the sinuses! It smells absolutely amazing! Self-care doesn't have to be expensive, just creative :) enjoy!

One of my favorite things to do is grab a bunch of eucalyptus from the farmer's market and hang them in my shower for a DIY smelly shower! Eucalyptus is known to stimulate the brain, reduce inflammation, and naturally decongest the sinuses! It smells absolutely amazing! Self-care doesn't have to be expensive, just creative :) enjoy!


My Favorite Natural DIY Scrubs:

All Natural Face Mask 1: Honey & Cinnamon

This is a great mask for treating acne as honey and cinnamon both have antibacterial properties that help attack zits!

First, use a spoon and bowl to mix together 3 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. It’ll look a bit like chocolate once you’re finished mixing! Apply a generous amount to your face using a basting brush (I sometimes use one of my small well cleaned paintbrushes)! Leave it on for around 5 minutes then wash off with warm water. Later on, moisturize with a dab of coconut oil.

You might experience some redness straight after but this normal as it means the toxins are spreading, and the mask is doing its job!

All Natural Face Mask 2: Tomato & Lemon

Tomato & lemon both have skin lightening properties which aid in lightening scars from acne and even out skin discoloration. Lemon is also a natural toner that helps shrink large pores. Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene that helps protect skin from UV rays, whether you eat them or apply them to your face! Tomatoes also have natural acid in them which help regulate oily skin.

Take 1/2 a tomato and blend it into a smooth puree. Add 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice to the tomato puree. Use a clean cotton ball to apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the sensitive eye areas. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. Pat it dry. Try moisturizing with a drop of olive oil.

If you have the time, do a facial steam beforehand to open up the pores of your skin and let the face mask really penetrate.

Be careful with lemon if you have very sensitive skin as the acids could irritate your complexion.

All Natural Face Mask 3: Sugar, Honey & Lemon

Sugar & honey is a great exfoliating face scrub. It works great on the face and also on chapped lips as it rubs the dead scales off, leaving a radiant glow.

I recommend using fresh lemon juice as it doesn’t have added ascorbic acid.

Mix together 1 tablespoon of high-pollen honey, 3-5 drops of fresh lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Apply the mixture to your face using your fingertips or a cotton ball. Gently rub it in using a circular motion to get the full exfoliation. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes, then rinse with luke warm water and moisturize. You’ll notice the difference in your glowing complexion!

Manuka honey or another honey that is high-pollen is best as it’s very high in antioxidants and vitamins, which can be easily absorbed.

My Favorite Essential Oils:


One of the best essential oils for decongesting the airways. A potent antimicrobial, it’s effective against airborne bacteria, such as Staphylococci. Relieves muscular aches & pains.

How to use it: Make an antimicrobial room spray. Combine 40 drops Eucalyptus, a teaspoon of vodka/gin and half a cup of purified water in a spray bottle. Use during colds, flu and when you are generally run down.


A powerful detoxifier & antiseptic. Great for alertness & mental clarity.

How to use it: Minimise irritants and allergy triggers by using natural home cleaning products. 50 drops of Lemon essential oil to a solution of 1/4 cup water – 1/4 cup vinegar makes a wonderful natural surface spray and general home cleaner.


The mother of all essential oils. One the safest, most versatile oils. Useful for burns, insect bites, headaches, insomnia, pain, inflammation and more.

How to use it: One of the best oils for insomnia. Drop 1-2 drops on your pillow for a better quality sleep.


A stimulating mental tonic that has shown to be effective in improving memory. Great for easing muscular aches and tightness, and improving poor circulation.

How to use it: Add a couple of drops of Rosemary essential oil to your loofah or body wash while showering, for a refreshing pick me up.


Invigorating, cooling, analgesic (releives pain), anti-itch.

How to use it: Soothe and cool itchy angry skin with 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil in a tablespoon of aloe vera gel.

Tea Tree

Powerful antifungal & antiseptic. 

How to use it: Combat fungal nail infections by massaging a blend of 15 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to a tablespoon castor oil into your nail beds.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! What are your favorite natural products to use?